Sunday, 11 May 2014

A horrible and gory story

Once there was a prince that was VERY handsome.  His father wanted him to get married because he was nearly thirty-one. "There must be a contest!" Demanded the valiant king.  "A contest of your choice!"  "Fine! A contest of hotdog eating!" So then it was decided that there would be a hot dog contest-who could eat the most in a minute.

The next day the contestants were introduced to the kingdom. There was lady cukoo of clock land, lady hillibillie of bill land, lady pants of flush flush land and many others. The first to compete was lady hillibillie of bill land. She was a fat and vicious lady. She got an amazing 112 and a half hot dogs in the minute! Next was the ugliest woman Percival had ever seen. (Did I not mention that the prince's name was percival?) Unfortunatly she got a whopping 532! Just when she started to celebrate there was a voice from the crowd. ''Wait! I want to compete! Everyone's jaw dropped to the ground. (Not litterily) She was the prettiest woman Percival had ever seen. He stood up in shock. "Wait!" there was onother voice from the crowd.  "Don't trust her! Shes a shape shifter!" "yeah right!" responded the in-love prince. Then he said: "Come here my wife. Wait, did I just say wi-" Then the woman exploded into heaps of little pieces with her un-normal organs flying everywhere. "Who did this!" Hollered the bulky king in a terrifying voice. "I did!" Said the king's servant sarcasticly. Then his head exploded.   


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