Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Lucas and i had a play date, we played
 minecraft on lucas,s ps3 we
built our own world with a sky tower
We made a video it is rated mv and course
languge it,s very long.We made a video
on botth of our conols.Lucas came over to my house
for a sleep over so did mitchell he did not go to lucas,s house
becaus he had to do swiming.We played minecraft on 
my xbox 360.
We built the eifll tower and a city with it.
A youtuber stampylongnose came in to my world with lucas mitchell and i and then he towerd my other world
check out his youtube chanel it is awsome.
We went to bed at 2am
in the mornig.The nect day my dad got a new car it is a 
mercedes has a sunroof,a pop
up computer
the engin sounds awsome
the colour is black.

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