Sunday, 18 May 2014

Violence in the Jungle

Matt and I felt excited more excited then we have ever felt before. Were going to the jungle! we are nearly there, my mum persuaded me to be careful. We got of the tourist bus and 
walked down the path. The first things that were strange were
that the path stopped ahead of us. Then it was jungle?

Suddenly a tiger jumped out from behind us! Matt and I felt
frightened, very frightened. the tiger jumped on the guide
and ripped him to pieces. 'Great we have no guide now' said
Matt oh no' screamed dad. We need to get back to the bus'
said some one, and now! when we got back to the road the bus
wasn't there!

Where is it I gasped? well, well, well now we'll have to walk
down the road to a village. Oh come on, moaned Matt, 'worst 
day ever. When we got to a village it was deserted. There was
a hotel, but only rats  where there. Then we saw footprints
in the dirt, footprints of a tiger.

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