Sunday, 18 May 2014

Finn's story - Minecraft hunger games


Today I am exploring a hunger games map in minecraft you can look in chests. I found an awesome chest. It had a full set of diamond armor and and a diamond sword. I explored the hunger games map somemore. I fond some boring chests with food. I found a bulding of a pig' Earlier on I fogot to tell you about that thir was a chest with a bow in it. So I can do archery from the top of the pig. I think that is my plan. I went in my little room. It had a flower I call it a lovey juvly. The dor was open. I got a iron sword an iron chestplat. Mushroom stew  cocked fish a wooden sword. I'm not teaming because I dont because I don't want enyone to find the chest. With the full set of diamond armor and diamond sword. Befor I do maybe I coud team with someone. But not fo real I coud sneek attack them. wen they are in a chest and be like a spy.








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