Sunday, 11 May 2014


The first exciting thing that happened on the holidays was my dad took more than a week off work to play with me, my sister, and my mum which was really fun. On that week we went to waiheke, I got some new braclets. We all went to a beach called ongitangi and my sister Lili was just about to run into the water... Until
she saw a massive jellyfish, STILL breathing!
We all rushed over my mum took a photo of it with my dads foot next it, to show the size. Then we all went to lunch I had pasta after that the sun got brighter. Then me and my sister went to the shop next door to the restrant to get a hat. Finally we had to go home on the ferry i got sad but i realised all fun has to come to an end. On the ferry me and my dad looked at the scenery together. Later we got dinner then me and my sister went to bed! 

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